Garcinia cambogia for weight loss

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10 kg lose in 30 day

Drug Class: Metabolic and Endocrine, Herbals WHAT IS GARCINIA AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Garcinia suggested use is for weight loss. In vitro and animal studies are positive for garcinia as a weight loss aid, but human trials are negative and show no evidence of efficacy. Dosage of Garcinia: Suggested Dosing 800-1000 mg standardized extract orally twice daily Standardized extract 50% hydroxycitric acid (HCA): 500 mg four times daily Dosing Consideraations – Should be Given as Follows: See "Suggested Dosing" WHAT ARE SIDE EFFECTS ASSOCIATED WITH USING GARCINIA? Common Side effects of Garcinia include: Nausea Upset stomach Diarrhea Headache Dizziness Dry mouth Serious side effects of garcinia include: Mania (euphoria, delusions, overexcitement, very fast speech, decreased need for sleep, and irritability)

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